Weddings can be stressful and now you have to speak? 

We help couples, and anyone who speaks at a wedding, be calm, comfortable, & confident.

Here is how we do it:

We meet with you in private and confidential coaching sessions 

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Every experience with our team is unique, let us create a package that is perfect for you.

Choose where we meet

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video conference coaching

Most clients work virtually with our team of experts which gives you the greatest flexibility as you meet with us from the comfort of your home, office, or other location in a space that is convenient for you. This option provides the biggest selection of times and days. 

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our coaches

Some clients prefer to meet with us in person so we created an option where you travel to our coaches.  Where are we? Currently, we reside in different cities and towns in the United States. 

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meet in your home city

A wedding vows and speech coaching experience in the convenience of your own city or town might be the perfect solution to help you elevate your day.  Choose between half-day and full-day sessions that can be created for the couple, individuals, or the entire wedding party. The meeting space, food, and beverage are provided to bring greater ease to your experience.

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travel coaching sessions

Have a favorite place you would like to visit? Name it. We can meet you there for your coaching sessions. Create your wedding vows and speeches while being a tourist makes this an ideal option for travel enthusiasts. We work with you in half-day sessions to provide time for exploring. All travel arrangements are planned by experienced travel professionals to create an ideal experience.

Choose your plan

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This is an excellent option if the wedding is less than 2 weeks away. There isn’t a lot of time left to be ready for the special day yet working with our expert coaches can help you be your very best when it comes time to share your vows or your speech.

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Most of our clients start here. You have an idea of what you might like to say in your speech or vows yet not really sure how to say it. We work with you on the best words to chose, how you stand, your gestures, and perhaps some props. Even if you haven’t decided what you want to say we help you get there with our expertise.

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Want your speech to be truly special? Take steps to put your speech on the list of the all-time best.  This option gives you the opportunity to meet with our humor expert, confidence coach, or both in addition to working with one of our vows and speech coaches.

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For clients who would like to choose one of our travel packages we carefully plan the details to ensure your experience is enjoyable while also attaining your goals for your vows and speeches. All of our coaches have the flexibility for travel. During our consultation, we will find the coaches that are ideal for your needs and discuss arrangements for your approval. 

what our experts teach

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Your words will help you shine, and we help you find the ones that you want to use the very most. If we give you words to say your speech wouldn’t be you. How you express yourself is different than other people.  We help you find the words that will help you express your feelings and have vows or a speech that is perfect for the day.

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It’s not just the words you choose it’s the way you say them, how they are organized.  Our team helps you structure your vows and speeches so the flow helps deliver the message you most want to share.

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Speaking in front of a group of friends and family is different than other types of public presentations. We help you develop a volume to be heard in a variety of settings. In addition, we work closely with you on vocal variety including inflection and pausing that helps engage listeners on a new level.

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How you use your body when you speak enhances your message. While many speakers stand still, our professional recommendation is to use gestures and body movement to deliver the most effective speech. Our experts consider all physical abilities while crafting the perfect body elements for you.

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One of the best elements of speech is to include humor, yet where do you begin to get the funny out of the words you most want to share? With our Humor Expert learn how to let your kind of humor get the laughs that will have people appreciating your speech for years to come.

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A confidence coach takes you beyond just the vows and speech you are sharing and get into your emotions to build self-esteem, self-awareness, and more to help you be more comfortable being you on your special day.

so much more

What makes your vows and speeches the very best is different than the kind that are ideal for someone else. Our experts have unparalleled expertise where we work uniquely with each client for the intangible to emerge to help you in the very best way. 

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let’s talk about your wedding

No two weddings are ever the same.  Let’s have a conversation where we get to know each other. We will discuss your wedding plans and preferred traditions and help you choose the best vows and speech coaching plan to meet your needs.