Our experts help anyone who speaks
at a wedding feel comfortable and confident.

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your spoken words and presentation partners



Words at a Wedding is a premier service where our experts help anyone who speaks at a wedding feel comfortable and confident

Capture Life’s Memories

Our team of carefully selected experts are here to provide a white glove experience for all our clients.

Through virtual and in person sessions we professionally coach couples on wedding vows, family and friends on wedding speeches, and officiants on essential duties for the perfect celebration. 

What is important to you

We align our services to the traditions and values that are most important to you as you prepare for one of the most important days in a lifetime.

Imagine adding ease to one of the most important days in a lifetime.

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With our proprietary coaching program we work with our couples to co-create vows with your words expressing what you most want to share 

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It is so much more than words. It is about your presentation, breath, gestures, and more.

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Have a laugh

Want to add humor?  We have you covered.

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What about those nerves

It’s your first time speaking in front of people, or perhaps you are nervous because of the heightened pressure of the day? We have techniques to help you de-stress and shine.

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A Perfect Match

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how we work with our clients

We provide our clients top tier service while co-creating a foundation, words, and delivery style that honors your traditions and beliefs. Clients choose from a variety of packages with most coaching sessions taking place remotely through video conferencing. If clients prefer, in person sessions can be arranged.  

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Celebrating Your Traditions

Honoring your traditions and values

Every set of vows and each speech we create is unique, one of a kind, and custom created as we work as your expert team.  We want to get to know who you are and what is important to you.

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